About Tracy Panase

Hello! My name is Tracy Panase and I am a start-up mom! What is a start-up mom you Tracy Panaseask? A start-up mom (or dad) is an entrepreneur at heart who finds innovative and creative ways to make or save money.

As the proud franchise owner of a Just Between Friends Consignment Sale Franchise System in Reading, Oaks, and Lancaster, Pa., my team and I help parents become their own little start-ups by selling their children’s gently used clothing, shoes, books, toys, and accessories to other parents who are looking for good quality items at an affordable price.

The awesome thing about JBF is that we give parents the tools and training they need to be successful at selling and to make more money than they would at just a regular ol’ yard sale. JBF also brings together a strong community of moms and dads who offer advice and support to help others.

I hope my blog helps you as you forage through your cluttered closets, garages, drawers, and under your children’s beds to find quality items to sell. I will offer tips on how to be successful and share my wins, and the occasional fail, to help you make extra money on items your children no longer use.

Now, go tackle those closets!

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