Drop off is easy breezy if you follow these insider tips



It’s getting real!

Once your items are priced and prepped, we suggest packing them for drop off according to type and size. You’ll be placing your items where they belong throughout the sale, so having items grouped together will speed up your drop off process.

Insider Tips:

  1. Lay your clothing in boxes or bins and alternate when the size changes (this saves you from having to look at every item while you drop off!).
  2. Group other items for packing
  • Accessories
  • Infant items
  • Toys
  • Books/DVDs/puzzles/games

When you arrive at the sale, and have checked in, grab a rack and hang up your items.

JBF_Reading_Fall_05-768x512Making drop off easy and fast

If you come prepared and do your homework, you can breeze through check-in pretty quickly. Here is what you’ll need:

1. Download and sign the Consignor Waiver at home. The Consignor Waiver can be found on the “Consignor Details” page of your local event.

2. Do the same for the Car Seat Waiver (if applicable).

3. Read over our drop off process and expectation Guidelines before drop off day.

4. Verify the drop off dates and times for your event at www.jbfsale.com


Early shopping is the best shopping!

I know – we’re excited to shop the Presale with you!

Remember, even if you cannot make it right at your assigned shopping time, our doors stay open until 8:30 p.m. (registers close at 9 p.m.).

During the sale, information about your sold items will be uploaded to your JBF Tagging account. You can log in to your Profile to access REAL TIME updates. You can literally watch your closets generate CA$H. It’s better than winning the lottery. Enjoy!

Well, that’s it. We are so happy that you decided to sign up to consign with Just Between Friends!

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