You’re totally in Control to Make the Price Right!


You’ve gathered items you want to sell. Now you get to decide the prices! Selling at JBF lets you be in control of each item. You set the price and decide if it goes half price on the last day of the sale. Plus, in case the item doesn’t sell, you can either donate it to our Charity Partner who serves local families in need, or you may pick it up.

The most successful JBF Consignors practice “Shopper-Focused Pricing.” You’re a smart bargain shopper – simply ask, “What price would make me buy this item without hesitation… and brag about it later to a friend?” Still not sure what to price something? Here is a quick guide to help.

Tools: Log into your JBF Profile and click on the TAGGING icon. Be sure that your “Reduce” and “Donate” settings fit your personal preference. Grab your first item and start!


Guidance: We created this super helpful JBF-Guide  to help you along the way. It covers all the JBF basics and more!

Support: We’re just an email away! Please email if you have questions about pricing specific items.

PRINT your tags on white cardstock. We love to use the 9-tags-per-page PDF option. After you cut your tags, organize them by type and size. This will make your next step (Prepping) much easier.

Look at what you’ve accomplished! You literally created CA$H out of clutter. At the same time, you’re helping local families by providing the items their kids need at affordable prices.

Need more help? We have expert taggers in our Valet Program. Contact Tracy for more information.

“The profit you make in comparison to selling at a yard sale is so much better! I love that I can track my sales throughout the JBF event. I definitely recommend JBF to all my friends and co-workers.” — Danielle, JBF Consignor


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