How to set up a system to organize all of your stuff in less than 30 minutes

Grab three tubs or laundry baskets and label them KEEP, SELL, TOSS (click on the link to print out these ready-made signs!). Have extra boxes or trash bags available if needed.

The KEEP tub is for items you aren’t ready to get rid of yet — maybe you’re thinking of having more kids or maybe the item is too sentimental to part with right now.


The SELL tub is for all the items you want to sell at an upcoming sale (Fall or Spring).


The TOSS tub is for items that do not meet JBF standards and should be donated to a local charity, repurposed, or thrown away.


JBF Standards — Items that are new or gently-used that are not broken, torn, or with missing pieces. A good rule of thumb, answer this question — “Would I buy this for my child?” if the items don’t meet your standard, then it doesn’t meet ours either.

One at a time, take each item you gathered and make a decision which tub it should go in. As the tubs get full either replace it with an empty tub or put the items in a plastic bag and clearly label it with KEEP, SELL, or TOSS.

Use the 4 C’s rule to know what sells best at JBF

  1. Clean — The newer it looks, the better it sells. Plan to wash clothes and clean shoes, equipment, and toys.
  2. Current — Sell warm weather clothing and shoes at our Spring event, and cold weather clothing at our Fall event. Current styles and fashion are sought after.
  3. Complete — Toys, games, and puzzles must be sold as a complete set. If a key piece is missing then search eBay or Amazon for that piece before selling it at JBF. Items that are not complete should be placed in your KEEP or TOSS baskets.
  4. Compliant — Important safety guidelines apply to selling a car seat, baby equipment, and toys. But don’t worry, we have all the info about Recalls & Safety Standards HERE.  PLEASE NOTE: JBF sales in Oaks, Reading and Lancaster do not accept cribs regardless of manufactured date.

When you’re done put aside the KEEP tub and plan to revisit it later. Right now you’re done with this tub.

Take the TOSS tub to your local charity, or repurpose the items or throw them away. You’re also done with this tub.

The SELL tub is now all the items you have for the next sale. These items are ready to price and prep.



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